Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Expert Series
Creating a Data-Driven Culture

"If you can give people the access to the information they want in the way they want it in real time, you find that the level of trust begins to grow exponentially."

Shifting a corporate culture from an intuition-driven approach to an objective, data-driven culture can be a challenge. But when face-to-face with evidence that supports your gut feel or better yet, proves it was wrong – it’s hard to turn away from data’s proof. Data adds clarity. It accelerates consensus. It speeds decisions. It helps us tell stories. Meet three professionals who place a great deal of faith in the power of data – and learn how they’ve improve operations, empowered users, encouraged intellectual curiosity, “democratized” data, and informed strategy by promoting a data-driven culture.


  • Sheel Bhatiani, Lead Software Developer, Cheyne Capital
  • Jon Boeckenstedt, Associate Vice President-Enrollment Policy and Planning
  • Zach Leber, Assistant Director of Informatics-Genome Sequencing Platform, The Broad Institute

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