CallMiner embeds new Tableau dashboards to help ease their customers' transition to online call centers during COVID-19

Provided pro bono call center activity analysis to help suddenly work-from-home agents succeed

Established COVID CARE for contact center conversational insight

Incorporated Tableau reporting to visualize COVID impact in and beyond the contact center


CallMiner, a company that assists call centers with tools for measuring conversational behaviors to optimize customer experience and customer service performance, took extra steps to help their customers such as financial services and healthcare providers at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shutdowns and social distancing requirements forced nearly all physical call center locations to resume operations remotely with agents answering calls from their homes, a model with which many agents and their managers were unfamiliar—and often uncomfortable.

Using Tableau visualizations already embedded in their products, CallMiner developed a pro bono service called COVID CARE (CallMiner Analytics Rapid Evaluation) that call centers could opt into for receiving special, pandemic-era guidance. CallMiner created new dashboards to help call center administrators analyze sentiment in their agents' interactions with callers, assess caller experience blockers like background noise, and take informed steps to advise on and de-escalate specific interactions as needed.

The results helped ensure agent work-from-home performance as well as adjust how agents shaped the brand experience by measuring and adjusting for empathy, ownership, and other emotional attributes of customer engagement. This equipped agents with the data supported direction they need to focus even more intently on caller interactions during an uncertain and often emotional time.

Tableau reporting embedded within CallMiner Analyze makes it easy to tell a data-supported story fortified with emotion metrics that compel awareness and action in and beyond the contact center.