Microsoft Azure

Organizations are increasingly moving business processes to the cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions are more common and easier to implement than ever before. With this shift, advanced analytics is increasingly democratized, putting data in the hands of business users who want more agility and transparency and a self-service approach, but there is a need for some level of IT governance to ensure data is trustworthy. Microsoft Azure services such as Spark on HDInsight, SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Database allow organizations to deploy at scale and with elasticity, while allowing IT to maintain data integrity and governance. As Microsoft pursues its cloud-first strategy, Tableau delivers key integrations with Azure technologies. Live connectivity provides real-time access to data directly in the cloud. Tableau provides a fast and scalable enterprise analytics platform for the Azure data services that organizations already use.

Tableau Server hosted on Azure

Tableau and Microsoft Azure provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution that can be implemented quickly, secured easily, and used by everyone in the enterprise. Learn how to configure Tableau Server for hosting on Azure to help your organization see, understand, and share data so you can fully realize your investments in Azure and the Microsoft Data Platform.

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Azure Active Directory integration with Tableau Server

Combining the Power of Tableau, Azure and Cloudera

Azure offers connectors for a very wide range of applications that leverage many types of data. Tableau plugs into these data sources just as easily. View this Quickstart template for setting up a Tableau Server environment connected to a Cloudera Hadoop cluster on Microsoft Azure. Connecting your data to Tableau is just that easy.

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