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Tableau will always support our customers wherever they want to deploy or access their data. The ability to deploy Tableau Server on multiple cloud platforms is important in our mission to adapting to our customer’s needs. Organisations are increasingly moving business processes to one or more cloud providers, and hybrid cloud solutions are more common and easier to implement than ever before. Deploying Tableau Server on Microsoft Azure as well as utilising services such as Azure SQL Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Data Warehouse) and SQL Database allow organisations to deploy at scale and with elasticity, while allowing IT to maintain data integrity and governance. As Microsoft pursues its cloud-first strategy, Tableau delivers key integrations with Azure technologies. Tableau allows you to utilise solutions like Snowflake and SAP HANA on Azure, and live connectivity provides real-time access to data directly in the cloud. Tableau provides a fast and scalable enterprise analytics platform for the Azure data services that organisations already use. Tableau Cloud customers can also enjoy the benefits of connecting to their cloud data sources on Azure as well as popular on-premises data sources like Microsoft SQL Server.

Tableau Server on Microsoft Azure: Better together

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Tableau Server on Azure white paper: Next-generation cloud BI

Together, Tableau and Microsoft Azure offer a powerful, enterprise cloud analytics solution. Your organisation will have its own unique deployment, and we’ve done the work in this white paper to provide best practices and guidance for you along the way. You'll find in-depth documentation on VM selection, high availability strategy, load balancing, configuration steps and much more.

Tableau Server on Azure Quickstart

"How do I set this up?" This is a common question, but it's one we don't want our customers to worry about! With this Quickstart, you can deploy a standalone instance of Tableau Server on a Linux machine in Azure in just twenty minutes! The benefits provided by Tableau and Azure are flexible, simple deployments which scale appropriately as your deployment grows.

Advanced Management for Tableau Server + Azure

Advanced Management for Tableau Server makes it easier to run large, mission-critical Tableau Server deployments. For large deployments hosted on Azure, customers can choose to host their Tableau Server metadata repository externally with Azure Database for PostgreSQL which provides increased scalability and high availability for organisations with large amounts of Tableau metadata.

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What's new with Tableau and Azure?

In our 2021.1 release, we powered up our connectivity and integrations with Microsoft Azure, as all Tableau Azure connectors will support Azure Active Directory authentication! Take a look at our blog post to learn more about our two new Azure connectors: Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Lake Gen2.

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Azure at Tableau Conference

Tableau deployment in Azure

Watch two of our experts at Tableau give a rundown on Tableau deployment in Azure.

Azure & Tableau: Data to insights at the speed of light

Learn more about Azure’s data products and how they’re helping customers modernise their data strategies.