Tableau Public Sector Day 2019

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Thank you for attending the 6th Tableau Public Sector Day in Singapore, where hundreds of public officers joined us for a day of thought leadership and sharing from passionate industry practitioners and data visionaries. Do explore the resources we have prepared to continue your journey with Tableau! If you missed completing the online survey at the event, please follow the link to share your thoughts with us!

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In-Person Test Drive

  • 28 May, 3:O0PM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Advanced) - Register Now
  • 4 June, 3:O0PM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 11 June, 3:O0PM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 18 June, 3:O0PM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Introduction) - Register Now
  • 25 June, 3:O0PM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Advanced) - Register Now

Live Online Training

  • 28 May, 11:30AM SGT

    Embedded Analytics (Advanced) - Register Now
  • 4 June, 11:30AM SGT

    Calculations (Advanced) - Register Now
  • 11 June, 11:30AM SGT

    Server Administration (Advanced) - Register Now
  • 18 June, 11:30AM SGT

    Tableau Desktop (Introductory) - Register Now
  • 25 June, 11:30AM SGT

    Mapping (Introductory) - Register Now

Presentations & Video Recordings

Event Opening

In this opener, KJ and Tanu kick off our 5th Tableau Public Sector Day! Tanu even demonstrates the simplicity of Ask Data and how she can easily find answers to questions by just asking them!

Watch it here.

Welcome Address

Tableau has continuously partnered with GovTech over the years to bring together the public sector. Together, the aim is to further Singapore's national agenda of creating a digitally competent workforce equipped and skilled in data analytics.

Watch it here.

Address by Event Guest of Honour

Follow this link to read the speech delivered by Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Watch it here.

Keynote: Bringing Rich and Intuitive Analytics to the Public Sector

Leading the field of modern analytics, Jonathan shared the newest capabilities from Tableau for augmented analytics, machine learning, and other innovations that deliver cutting edge analytics to the public service community. He also showed new ways to enable collaboration, and to share results widely and across devices with ease.

Download the presentation deck here.
Watch it here.

GovTech: Towards an Analytics-Ready Organization

GovTech recently started its own journey to embrace the use of data analytics. Kelvin shared GovTech's framework to become data analytics-ready in a scalable and sustainable way, by restructuring the role of data science, and providing systematic training, software and tools to enable their workforce.

Download the presentation deck here.

Learn Tableau Your Way & Get Certified

Designing your Tableau enablement journey is key to getting you started on discovering insights and driving meaningful changes for your organization. Andy shared the available Tableau training and certification offerings and options that can help build essential data skills and get public service officers recognized as a Tableau expert in no time.

Download the presentation deck here.
Watch it here.

See Tableau in Action: End-to-End Data Management

Creating a dashboard from scratch is not as daunting as it seems. Let Fish take you on a journey, as she helps Ben in his mission in choosing a second property. Watch as she effortlessly prepares her data with Tableau Prep Builder and derive at insights that will help Ben with his decision.

Watch it here.

See Tableau in Action: Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a critical component of modern business intelligence. Watch as Ben introduces advanced analytics capabilities from Tableau including Mapping Routes, Motion Charts, Integration with R/Python and more!

Download the presentation deck here.
Watch it here.

Fostering Data Collaboration with Analytics

As organisations in the public sector become increasingly data driven, how do they go about deploying analytics at scale? In this presentation, Taresh and Palani explain how the Tableau Platform was built to scale and to empower more people with data. They will also delve into how secure server implementations can be deployed at scale.

Download the presentation deck here.
Watch it here.

Mastering the Art of Visualization - You can do it too!

Watch and learn how Sarah transformed a data set from in Tableau, from basic to beautiful! David covered fun and interesting concepts that are easy to remember and implement in Tableau that will allow you to become more effective at your work.

Download the presentation deck here.
Watch it here.

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