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Gojek: Leveraging Analytics for the Super App of the Future

From a unicorn to a decacorn, Gojek’s journey in the last decade was one that was uniquely built on data, and driven by insights. Growing out of its ride-hailing and food delivery business to making Gojek a super app and a way of life for its consumers, hear from Immanuel on how the data team supports the business – from using analytics to improve their offerings and user experience, to serving the right product or service to the right user at the right moment.

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About the speaker


Immanuel Ambhara

Head of Data, Third Party Platform Product Group, Gojek

Immanuel heads the Data organization of Gojek's Third Party Platform product group. This product group currently hosts more than 10 products from Travel, Health & Wellness, Shopping, Charity, Investment, Insurance, News and Entertainment industries which were jointly built by Gojek and their start-up partners. He is in charge of the data infrastructure and analytics, as well as building a data-driven product strategy across the platform.

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