Analytics for healthcare payers

Actionable analytics. Higher efficiencies. Superior performance.

Healthcare payers face daunting challenges in the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): opportunities from new customer acquisition, competition from ‘payviders’ and new health plans, and the need to lower administrative costs.

How can healthcare payers address these challenges and drive new revenue streams while improving efficiency and impacting the bottom line?

Tableau empowers leaders with self-service data discovery and visual analytics to deliver game changing performance with measurable impact.

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4 Best Practices for Improving Operational Excellence

Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing healthcare payer data can do a lot to improve operations. Read this whitepaper to learn how leading healthcare payers are increasing employee productivity, lowering costs, and enabling a risk-based approach to wellness and disease management with self-service analytics.

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Better health through visual analysis

Tableau lets you create interactive visualizations that help people understand data. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index℠ is a unique measurement of the state of America’s health powered by data from more than 40 million Blue Cross Blue Shield members. This visualization shows the health conditions with the greatest impact on commercially-insured Americans.

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Webinar Series: Improving operational excellence in healthcare payer analytics

Join us for this webinar series to hear from thought leaders on how they have embraced healthcare payer challenges with Tableau, self-service data discovery, and game-changing visual analytics to deliver measurable impact.

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How Optum and United Health Group Make Healthcare Work for Everyone

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Optum streamlines healthcare payer operations with their virtual command center approach to analytics. In this video, they’ll reveal how they tackle governance challenges dealing with sensitive information, and how they deploy it to thousands of stakeholders. Optum’s Enterprise Reporting and Analytics team will show you how they manage more than 1,500 Tableau desktop licenses to fulfill tens-of-thousands of requests for both internal stakeholders and external clients.

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Blue Shield of California: A Member’s Journey by the Numbers

Learn how Blue Shield of California has used Tableau as a vehicle for driving member satisfaction. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how they have maximized profit, reduced costs and minimized risks with data visualization. You’ll also see how Blue Shield of California uses a holistic view to define their member journey across digital, mobile, call center and VOC platforms. See key insights that have helped them determine the impact of their digital and mobile channels, how their customers are solving their problems via self-help, and how they identify key drivers for increasing customer satisfaction.

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Every day we find another use case for Tableau and we find more value, and it is really helping us run our business more effectively, but also service our customers more effectively.

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