Combining Voice and Gesture for Presenting Data to Remote Audiences

Proceedings of the IEEE VIS Workshop on Multimodal Experiences for Remote Communication Around Data Online (MERCADO)

We consider the combination of voice commands with touchless bimanual gestures performed during presentations about data delivered via teleconference applications. Our demonstration extends recent work that considers the latter interaction modality in a presentation environment where charts can be composited over live webcam video, charts that dynamically respond to the presenter’s operational (i.e., functional and deictic) hand gestures. In complementing these gestures with voice commands, new functionality is unlocked: the ability to precisely filter, sort, and highlight subsets in the data. While these abilities provide presenters with more flexibility in terms of presentation linearity and the capacity for responding to audience questions, imperative voice commands can come across to audiences as stilted or unnatural, and may be distracting.


Tableau Author(s)

Arjun Srinivasan, Matt Brehmer