Tableau Partner Support Accreditation Training

Desktop | Getting Started

Explore the Tableau Desktop interface and the Tableau Knowledge Base answer the following questions.

  • Explain the difference between a Tableau Data Extract (.tde), Data Source Connection (.tds), and a Packaged Data Source (.tdsx)
  • Explain the difference between a workbook, worksheet, and a view
  • Explain the function of the My Tableau Repository
  • What Export options are there within Tableau Desktop
  • Explain the difference between a Dimension and a Measure
  • Explain the difference between using a data extract of a data source and using a TDE file based data connection
  • Explain the different main pages to the Tableau Desktop interface in Tableau Desktop 8.x. How are the main pages different in Tableau Desktop 9.0.
  • Explain the power of ‘Show Me!’
  • Describe how to determine the version of Tableau Desktop being used

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