BARC Research Study 2017

BI and data management in the cloud: current issues and trends

The Business Application Research Center (BARC) and Eckerson Group have joined forces to publish a study on current attitudes, issues and trends relating to the use of business intelligence (BI) and data management (DM) technologies in the cloud. It is based on a survey of 370 IT decision-makers around the world.

More and more companies are gravitating to the cloud, and BI and data management vendors alike are giving in to its appeal. While cloud adoption rates were stagnant over the past six years at 30%, the current study shows a significant upwards trend in the usage of cloud BI and data management. This is an indicator for the industry nearing the tipping point towards cloud.

Now that we know 'Where' things are headed, this whitepaper will show you some of the highlights and trends set to determine the 'How' in 2017:

  • Redefining the Role of IT
  • Enterprises embrace hybrid solutions
  • Hosted applications help optimize business operations

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About the authors

Dr. Carsten Bange

geschäftsführender Gesellschafter des BARC

Wayne Eckerson

Director of Research, Business Applications and Architecture Group at TechTarget

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