Making Websites Stickier with Tableau

David Brown, Vice President, Nucleus Research

When Nucleus Research examined the features and functionality of Tableau Digital, their analysts found significant benefits were available to Web-based content publishers. By providing a Web-based approach to the interactive publication of data and visualizations, Tableau enables content providers to improve the Web site metrics that lead to higher revenues. Tableau Digital also enables publishers to avoid deployment costs, especially hardware, while achieving high Web site performance levels. Read this detailed report to better understand how Tableau Digital is helping media, government and other publicly facing websites make their sites sticky.

Tableau Digital is a commercial platform for sharing interactive visuals and telling stories with data publicly. Learn more

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About the author


David Brown

Vice President, Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research, Inc. is the leading provider of investigative information technology research and advisory services. Since 2000 our analysts have delivered insight and guidance to help our clients make the best decisions. Advising both vendors of technology and the organizations that use technology, we continue to uncover information that no one else can provide. Vice President David Brown has more than 20 years of experience in the IT research industry.

He was formerly the Vice President of International Data Corporation's Global IT advisor program where he successfully managed and directed a team of analysts and sales staff supporting Fortune 1000 clients. He relies on his past leadership in growing IDC's user-focused research advisory services to manage and direct Nucleus's client services, marketing, and operations functions.

Mr. Brown holds a BS in Business from Worcester State College.