IDC: Bridging the Data Divide: Bringing Data Science to Business Workflows

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In recent research conducted by global market intelligence firm, IDC, 75% of company executives said that their data and analytics strategy is critical to their business resilience going forward.   Yet the majority also said that “a lack of skills among business users inhibits our ability to execute on our data analytics strategy.”  

This is the data divide and it’s a board-level, strategic issue.

In addition, IDC’s research found that:

  • 66% of executives cited siloed data as a top 3 barrier to implementing their data analytics strategy
  • Almost as many said that business data is difficult to find or access for analytics purposes, preventing effective decision making
  • The top skills sought in non-IT staff were all related to data:
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Ability to work with data
  • And, unsurprisingly, the top two IT skills that organizations are looking for today are data analytics and data management

Modern technologies and a trusted ecosystem can help companies bridge this divide.  

“Advances in technologies such as the cloud, visual analytics, AI, and machine learning mean that technology exists to allow business users to get desired insights and focus on what really matters: extracting value from data. By empowering all users, the business can ask questions of data without always relying on data scientists and experts, freeing these precious resources to focus on more complex analytical projects.”

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