Big Data Use Cases: Getting Real on Data Monetization

Big data has made its way into the business world. This was confirmed as a central finding of “Big Data Analytics”, a BARC study from 2014 that examined the development of big data in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Back then, almost a third of participating companies stated that they had firmly integrated or were in the process of integrating big data analyses into their business processes.

The wave of big data has reached every corner of businesses today. Despite the euphoria, are we really on the verge of a new data-driven era? Are companies really faster, more productive, efficient and innovative because they use big data?

To answer these and other questions, this report examines big data use cases as well as the technological, organizational and business settings in these companies. Focusing on:

  • Which business departments use and initiate big data analyses?
  • How do they use big data?
  • What advantages do companies gain through big data analysis?
  • What common business and technical problems do they face?
  • Which technologies do they use or plan to use in the future for big data scenarios?

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