Achieving Marketing Dashboard Nirvana

Stephen McDaniel, Co-founder - Freakalytics,

Are you buried under a pile of reports that yield few marketing insights? Need help in taking the plunge to build simple but intuitive dashboards that update easily? Avoid common pitfalls and learn time-saving tips from an expert who has been down the dashboard road. Soon you'll be on your way to marketing dashboard nirvana.

These tips will help you:

  • quickly find patterns and key insights in your marketing data powered by visual analytics
  • turn those insights into actions
  • discover what challenges can be addressed with advanced visualization
  • easily build marketing dashboards regardless of technical or analytic ability
  • seamlessly update your dashboards as often as your marketing programs change

Download this whitepaper for practical tips to quickly build and maintain these data insight tools that will help you kick-start your marketing dashboard efforts.

About the author

Stephen McDaniel, Co-founder - Freakalytics