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Visual Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Visual data analytics is shaping up to be a driver of efforts to improve clinical quality and financial performance in healthcare. But organizations are still struggling to get the right technology building blocks—data warehouses and query tools, for example—as well as the data governance and information integrity policies to analyze their information. This Web cast will analyze some of the challenges of gathering business intelligence data in the healthcare setting and review the latest technologies to best facilitate data interpretation.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • unlock the potential value of BI at your organization
  • combine and optimize access to data from disparate systems
  • empower data and business analysts
  • match BI to your strategic initiatives
  • create actionable BI dashboards with drag and drop ease in minutes

Jim B-Reay from Aspen Advisors will discuss how to establish the ROI of a business intelligence platform. He will discuss best practices in delivering a financial return on the BI project. The Web cast will target strategic decision-makers in the health setting. Jim will offer real-life tips on extracting information from clinical and financial information systems—and how to avoid information overload.

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About the speaker


Jim B-Reay

Principal, Aspen Advisors

Jim has been an accomplished program manager and advisor to healthcare and IT executives for over 18 years. With a background in application design and data warehousing, he’s assisted clients with innovative solutions to convert transaction-based clinical and financial data into strategic information to support decision-making.

His expertise also includes managing both clinical and revenue cycle implementations.

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