Live Webinar

Virtual Tableau Cinema Tour

Experience the magic of Tableau.

Get a deeper look into the new capabilities of the Tableau platform—see how Tableau transforms data from your favourite films into premier insights and award-winning dashboards.

You'll learn how Tableau can help you quickly ask questions of your data using natural language, get AI-driven explanations for the 'why' behind a data point, and build interactive dashboards that you can securely share across your organisation.

Join the Virtual Tableau Cinema Tour to discover...

  • What makes the Tableau platform a box office hit?
  • Exclusive demo - Tableau vs. cinema data.
  • New features - Ask Data and Explain Data.
  • Data journey of a Tableau Zen Master.

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About the speakers

Louis Archer

Senior Manager, Tableau Community

Sara Seylani

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Neil Richards

Data Viz Consultant at Groupon and Tableau Zen Master

John Hawkins

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau