Live Webinar

Virtual Non-Profit Tableau User Group

We're sorry, this event has ended.

Join us for the second Virtual Non-Profit Tableau User Group on Thursday, June 29.


  • Creating an Interactive Dashboard Experience by James Gerberich, Statline
  • The general theme of the presentation is Using Calculated Fields and Dashboards to Create an Interactive Experience. This presentation will include a Tableau Server demo.

  • Sheet Swapping and Object Popping by Joe Oppelt, Focus on the Family
  • Joe will demonstrate ways to displays sheets and other objects conditionally on a dashboard. This presentation will include a live demo of some of the techniques.

  • Mundane to Motivational: SSRS to Tableau by Ramona Johnson, Focus on the Family
  • This presentation shows how to use the same MS-SQL stored procedures developed for SSRS reports as data sources for Tableau. Tips for shaping the data sources into dimensions and measures which will serve both presentation tools are reviewed. Several examples of both SSRS reports and their equivalent Tableau dashboards will be shown. A review of the advantages of this method as well as lessons learned will be presented. The advantages of the visual presentation of the Tableau as well as the ability to drill down to the cross tabs of numbers as in the SSRS reports are shown.

Meet the Speakers:

James Gerberich is a Colorado native, born, raised, and aged in the Denver metro area. After several years in tech support, he transitioned his career to report development about 10 years ago. He has used Crystal Reports, Actuate (now OpenText Analytics), SSRS, and most recently, Tableau. He has worked at Statline, a subsidiary of Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation – the nation’s leading tissue bank – for almost 9 years. Report development has been the most fulfilling work he has done; providing the means to balance an analytical mind and a creative soul.

Joe Oppelt has been in various programming and customer support roles since 1980. Making a program or application dance to music is one of his joys in life. He goes back to the days when we used stacks of punch cards! In 2014 he started working at Focus on the Family, and learned Tableau to do reporting/analysis for internal customers, and this has been his favorite job of all time. Tableau and Joe “click”, and he has become quite proficient with it. He is now a Tableau Ambassador for the Tableau Community Users Forum. The Forum has been his go-to source for new tricks and ideas, and he loves passing along to other users the things he has learned there. In his personal life, he's a father of 4 and grandfather of 3, married to his wife for 37 years. They're a little over a third of the way to their goal of being married 100 years! He is an avid gardener, and he raises backyard chickens for eggs.

Ramona Johnson is passionate about turning data into visual analytics which enable strategic and informed decisions. She has spent 15 years working with data and technology as a career; starting with a Fortran Program: Curve Fitting using G-Splines (1982) to today’s fun of using Tableau to present the performance data of Focus on the Family to the decision makers of this faith based nonprofit. Outside of her day job she enjoys the beautiful Colorado outdoors with her husband and two Dalmatians, quilting, gardening, and hanging out with her kids.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Walt Ogilvie.