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Unlocking Healthcare Analytics Potential: Harnessing Tableau Cloud for Efficiency & Innovation

The healthcare industry alone generates 30% of the world’s data.1 Tableau empowers healthcare organizations to act on data-driven insights, from a single source of truth, to deliver on top priorities; creating efficiencies and improving patient satisfaction.2

With rising patient expectations and the desire to do more with less, healthcare organizations are investing in digital tools, automation and AI. Tableau Cloud is a catalyst for operational efficiencies and delivers against critical healthcare use cases.

Join Tableau and Healthcare Leaders July 18th from 11:00 - 11:45 EST as they discuss:

  • Macro trends in healthcare and how organizations are responding
  • Use cases for seamless and secure analytics enabling next generation health
  • Tableau’s investment in cloud and key capabilities like Tableau AI
  • Migration considerations - and the why behind the move to cloud

We hope you can join these dynamic leaders.

  1. Navigating the Changing Face of Healthcare Episode 1, RBC Capital Markets, n.d.

  2. Healthcare & Life Sciences Primary Research Insights Report, Salesforce Research, February 2023

About the speakers

Teri Hatfield

Teri Hatfield

SVP Healthcare & Life Sciences, Tableau

Teri brings 25 years of experience in deploying data analytics across several industries. Currently she leads the Salesforce Analytics RCG and Healthcare teams for Tableau. Her team brings expertise and experience in digital and data transformation to solve real time business challenges and drive impactful results.

Sindhu Pandit

Sindhu Pandit

MD & Global Healthcare Lead, Salesforce

Sindhu is a Physiatrist by training and energized by opportunities to power the Human Experience at the intersection of medicine, technology and policy. Particular areas of interest include Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Optimizing Clinician Workflows, and improving the Coordination of Care especially in the Post-Acute space.

Nate Nichols

Dr. Nate Nichols

Head of Generative AI, Tableau

As VP of Product Management, Nate owns Tableau’s Generative AI (GAI) strategy and works with product development teams across Tableau to build amazing new GAI capabilities that uphold our commitment to trust and governance. Nate was previously Chief Scientist at Narrative Science (acquired by Tableau in 2021) and has over 40 patents related to GAI and text generation. He earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University in 2010, with a thesis titled “Machine-generated Content.”


Greg Kinney


As CRO at USEReady, Greg has ultimate accountability in aligning all revenue-generating departments and building strategic partnerships. Prior to USEReady, Greg was a ten-year veteran of the Salesforce ecosystem where he has successfully led sales teams at three Global Strategic Salesforce Partners. Greg has had a dynamic career in the enterprise software and services space, which includes founding the Internet consulting firm New Media Designs in the mid-90s, and later engineering its merger with Los Alamos Technical Associates. During Greg’s time at Appirio, IBM/Bluewolf, and Silverline, he built and led high-performance sales teams that consistently exceed their goals while working closely with their Salesforce partners to provide demonstrated business value for their customers. He is a proud alumnus of Duke University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.

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