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Unleashing the power of Tableau Data Server

When you have a data platform as effective as Tableau, there’s bound to be data and lots of it. Despite Tableau’s powerful analytical capabilities, challenges can still arise, such as multiple versions of the truth, overtaxed servers, and extract refresh failures. When it comes to data on your Tableau Server, who’s controlling whom?

This is where Tableau Data Server comes to the rescue. Arguably one of the most powerful tools within Tableau Server, Tableau Data Server helps promote data exploration, collaboration, security, and most importantly, governance. However, is often overlooked and underutilized.

In this live webinar, we’ll explain Tableau’s unique approach to data governance.

Attend and learn:

  • the importance of maximizing the full value and capabilities of Tableau Server
  • how to apply these concepts
  • ways to save time, increase productivity, and deliver self-service analytics across your entire organization

About the speakers


Kevin Taylor

Kevin is a sales consultant at Tableau, supporting strategic enterprise and commercial accounts remotely in Raleigh, NC. After 19 years in the BI space, the last five as a Tableau customer, Kevin joined Tableau in March of 2016. His love for Tableau stems from his passion for data visualization and visual best practices. After surviving many years of pains associated with trying to suck insight out of data using traditional BI tools, Kevin excels (no pun intended) in helping Tableau customers realize the benefits of exploratory and visual analytics. Outside of work, he cherishes his time with his wife and nearly-4-year-old twin girls.


Colby Pash

Solutions Consultant, Tableau

Colby Pash is a Solutions Consultant at Tableau in Omaha, Nebraska. He works with new and existing Tableau customers to help them see, understand, and govern their data. Before joining Tableau, Colby was a Tableau customer for several years. When he’s not working with Tableau customers, he’s likely with his wife experiencing live music or plotting their next travel adventure.

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