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How to Make an Impact with Data

The beauty of data analytics is the story it can tell. Any insights you find need to be communicated to an audience in order to inform, persuade, and drive change. The way those insights are presented are as important as the data itself. We’ve got a great talk that walks you through some best practices to help you convey the best story with your data.

In this talk, Andy Cotgreave, author of the Big Book of Dashboards, and Computing’s Analytics Professional of the Year, will show how charts are means to convey an argument, or an opinion. He'll show how crafting a data-driven message means so much more than just a copy-paste from software to Powerpoint.

These lessons are vital: your data is only as good as how those insights are understood.

About the speaker


Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelist Director, Tableau

Andy Cotgreave is a visual analytics expert who has been with Tableau in various roles since 2011 ranging from product consultant to social content manager. He is now Tableau's Senior Technical Evangelist. Prior to Tableau, Andy was a data analyst at the University of Oxford. As a technical evangelist, he helps people see and understand their data using Tableau’s innovative products. Find out more about Andy here: http://about.me/acotgreave.

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