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The Data Viz Debate

Get ready for this year’s big debate between hard-hitting data visualisation heavyweights Andy Kirk and Andy Cotgreave. They’re going head-to-head for five rounds to tackle some of the biggest issues in data visualization. And our special host for the debate is Amanda Hobbs, an expert infographics and data viz storyteller who will be keeping the Andy's on their toes.

The debate is on, here are the five rounds:

Round 1: Punk or Academic
What's the best approach to practising data viz, do you need to do a full course or just open up your favourtive tool and get going?

Round 2: Form vs. Function
Does 'form follow function' or is it the other way around? The Andy's will discuss how familiarity, speed of recognition, cognitive overload, and your quadrant of needs determines whether to choose form or function.

Round 3: Simple vs Complex Charts
How not to abdicate your responsibilities as an analyst? If you need a sign, it’s bad design! Is every chart type useful and usable?

Round 4: Blue-Orange: Love or Hate
Who said 'orange' represents good? Or is it blue?

Round 5: Blood Boilers
Find out what gets Andy Cotgreave's and Andy Kirk's blood boiling.

About the speakers

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Amanda Hobbs

Founder, ATH Creative
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