On-Demand Webinar

Student Summer Camp: Learning Tableau Part 2

Learn a new approach to data visualisation using Tableau in this virtual one-week Tableau Student Summer Camp

In the third session of the Summer Camp, you will learn how to create a Tableau dashboard, learn to story tell with your data, and share your findings with the rest of the world!

You'll also hear directly from two special guests about the power of having a Tableau Public Portfolio.

Don’t forget, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep are free for students! Request yours here for free.

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About the speakers


Zunaira Rasheed

Visual Analytics Consultant

Zunaira discovered Tableau in 2018 as an upskilling project and is now a data visualization and Tableau developer. Originally from Pakistan, Zunaira moved to Basel, Switzerland after her current employer saw her Tableau Public viz on LinkedIn and offered her a job. She is a Tableau Public Featured Author and is currently a three time Viz of the Day author.


Danny Bradley

Business Analysis Manager at LNER

Danny has used Tableau for over 7 years, however, only since attending Tableau Conference Europe 2018 and discovering the Tableau community did his experience with Tableau and Analytics really take off. Since then he’s built his Tableau Public Profile up and used it to secure a recent new role at LNER (London North Eastern Railway) as a Business Analysis Manager. Half of his role is to engage with all types of users within the business, as well as looking after everything to do with Customer Experience.


Melody Cheung

Academic Marketing Coordinator at Tableau

Melody is an Academic Programs Coordinator at Tableau, focused on helping students grow their data curiosity and literacy across the EMEA region. As a member of the Academic team, Melody gets to help students leverage Tableau in their academic pursuits, helping them become the generation of the data workforce.