Webinar Series

Tableau for Students Summer Camp

Learn how to use Tableau and build your own interactive CV

Data skills are in high demand. Start developing yours today.

If you're a student who’s new to Tableau and want a quick way to get started, look no further – we’ve got you covered. Intended for beginners, you'll learn about visual analytics, why it's important and how to use Tableau throughout the week.

Not only will you have a new skill that’s in high demand from employers, but you'll also have started building your Tableau portfolio. What better way to demonstrate to employers that you have Tableau skills than by showing them with your very own interactive Tableau CV?

The Summer Camp originally took place as a live-workshop series from 6 - 10th July. This on-demand series contains recordings from the live sessions and pre-recorded materials.

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On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Student Summer Camp: Getting to Know Data Viz
Part 1 of the Tableau Student Summer Camp - Introduction to data viz and Tableau with a live demo.
50 min
Student Summer Camp: Learning Tableau Part 1
You’ll learn about the Tableau Desktop Interface and build your first bar chart, dual axis chart, Tableau map and gantt chart.
68 min
Student Summer Camp: Learning Tableau Part 2
By the end of Session 3 you will have created your first Tableau dashboard, learned how to story tell with your data and share your findings with the rest of the world. You'll also find out the power of having a Tableau portfolio with two very special guest speakers.
73 min
Student Summer Camp: Building Your CV Part 1
In this session you’ll start building your interactive CV using some of the charts we learned previously.
43 min
Student Summer Camp: Building Your CV Part 2
You will learn how to add your skills, interests and social links to your interactive CV. You'll also hear from industry experts and have a chance to ask them questions about data skills from the point of view of an employer, data evangelist and recent graduate.
68 min