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How to Build, Run, and Scale Your Data Culture With Tableau

If you want to accelerate business growth during the AI wave, you need to make data and self-service analytics accessible to everyone within your organisation to promote smart decision making—and that requires building a data culture.

Watch this webinar to learn how your organisation can build a data culture with Tableau that scales self-service analytics to everyone. Discover the framework that will help you embed analytics into every aspect of your company culture, empowering users with data to overcome complex business challenges.

Tableau's data experts will discuss an actionable blueprint to deploy Tableau at scale, so you can accelerate data sharing and reimagine business strategies that makes sense for your organisation.

Watch now to learn how Tableau can help your organisation:

  • Build and run self-service analytics with Tableau at scale
  • Explore data-as-a-service to control access to curated datasets
  • Enable effective data stewardship
  • Foster communities to upskill employees and enable collaboration

About the speakers


Timo Tautenhahn

Regional CTO EMEA

Proven thought leader in the analytics software industry with more than 13 years of experience in guiding companies towards analytics ubiquity. He worked with nearly every DAX 40 company throughout his career and helped them on different levels within their organization to make decisions based on valuable data.

Passionate technology evangelist and storyteller whom people across the globe love to listen to. His analytics blog Tableaufans.com gets consumed in more than 130 countries and he’s one of Tableau’s best rated speakers globally. He regularly presents to large audiences of deep technical experts and IT-architects as well as business users and C-Suites – helping to build enthusiasm across whole organizations for software and analytics as enabler for cultural change.

Building deep long term relationships with key technical and business stakeholders, deliver success through technical expertise, industry knowledge and a relentless passion for helping customers see and understand data.


Manuel Parfant

Lead, Account Solution Engineer

As a seasoned lead solution engineer, Manuel brings a wealth of experience in driving technological innovation and fostering enduring client partnerships within the DACH region. With a background as a former platform owner and Tableau team lead at Infineon, he spearheaded the successful introduction and expansion of Tableau, scaling it to accommodate 30,000 active users. His passion for technology is rooted in a solid foundation of software engineering, fueling the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse enterprise needs. Recognized for his exceptional dedication and expertise, Manuel has been honored with multiple Salesforce and high-performance awards, underscoring his commitment to delivering transformative results.

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