On-Demand Webinar

Experience Tableau Conference: A Customer Reference Call

Are you interested in attending the Tableau Conference this year in Vegas?

If you've considered attending, but need more information about the conference and why it's worth the investment – watch this 30-minute webinar to hear why Amazon and Discover attend the Tableau Conference year after year.

You'll hear about:

  • How attending TC has propelled jobs, departments, and organizations forward
  • How TC supports their organizations’ initiatives to become data-centric
  • What they learned from hearing how other organizations deploy Tableau
  • Which sessions and workshops you shouldn’t miss
  • And much more

TC will sell out, so what are you waiting for? Make the case to attend TC15!

Looking to register for the conference? You can register for the conference here.

About the speakers

Dan Montgomery

Data Engineer, AWS - Data Warehouse

Michelle Schmidt

Director, Corporate Finance - Discover

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