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Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group

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Join us on Friday, September 22 for the Tableau Administrations Virtual User Group.


  • Welcome & Introduction by Mark Wu, Tableau Ambassador
  • Airbnb: Experimenting on recruiting efficiency with people analytics by Belinda Bennett
  • At Airbnb, People Analytics uses data science to analyze how to best recruit, retain, and develop the global Airbnb team. Tableau has been a tremendously powerful tool for quantifying the impact of the company's interview process on their hired workforce. In this talk, Belinda Bennett of Airbnb will discuss how the team scales their insights through data literacy and Tableau training. That democratization of data has lead to individual empowerment and increased career potential. You will learn more about their data infrastructure design, which leverages the Applicant Tracking System's API and reports from HRIS as well as how the team uses the Tableau R integration to analyze interview data with advanced statistics.

  • Tableau Server: Monitor and Set Permissions, automatically by Mike Roberts
  • As a Tableau Server infrastructure grows in both content and complexity, it is important to be able to alert, integrate and monitor the system. Workbooks and data sources grow and permissions, whether done via AD or some other form of authentication, often become even more complex because of their multiple layers. Well, that’s about to change.

    With the Permissions modules for Tableau Server, an administrator can manage and audit the permissions of all their content (by Site if needed). So, no more wondering who might have changed the workbook or data source permissions; you can easily check your audit logs. What’s more, you can prevent ‘permission drift’ by running the modules/functions daily to revert back to a desired permission set, automatically.

  • Live Q&A

Meet the speakers:

Belinda Bennett worked on the Airbnb platform data science team for 2 years, after that Belinda joined the People Analytics team as the second member in early 2016. The People Analytics team partners with the Employee Experience team to deliver reporting and in-depth analytical projects on recruiting, talent, compensation, and employee surveys. Prior to Airbnb, Belinda worked on the data science team at and as a consultant for a financial software company.​

Mike Roberts has over a decade of experience with data, specializing in Analytics Engineering. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses helping them understand and implement their data and analytics infrastructure. His analytics engineering methods start with people and context. While some industries are consumed with defaults and the status quo, he believes that data intelligence starts with giving access to information with collaboration, scalability, and security in mind.

For questions about this event, or to present at a future meeting, please contact Mark Wu.