On-Demand Webinar

The State of Business Intelligence according to Howard Dresner

Let the goal of making better decisions rise to the top of your priorities. Chief Research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, Howard Dresner, will discuss how organizations are implementing business intelligence (BI).

In this webinar you will learn to increase satisfaction within your organization and will gain insight into elements of a successful roll out. Let Howard be your guide as he compares vendors, using extensive customer survey results.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The characteristics of successful BI implementation
  • What departments and roles champion BI within an organization
  • How BI vendors compare against similar sized providers
  • Trends across industries on how BI is adopted and to what extent it is used.

* The “2013 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study” assessed questions of 1,182 respondents across industry verticals and covering enterprise IT leaders, business executives, and those heading up an organization’s business intelligence strategy, projects and systems.

About the speaker


Howard Dresner

Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services

Howard Dresner is Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services, LLC, an independent advisory firm and a well known authority and author in the areas of Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

Howard has 30 years of IT industry experience with 23 years in the Business Intelligence market. He spent 13 years at Gartner, where he was a Research Fellow and Lead Analyst for BI. He also served as Chief Strategy Officer at Hyperion Solutions prior to forming Dresner Advisory Services.

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