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Solving Life Sciences Challenges through AI: Thought Leaders and Use Cases

Interference Analytics is an innovative company that changes the way the human brain understands to extract and understand critical insights in healthcare. Join us in this session to learn how Tableau, the Inference Analytics Neural Network (IANN), and leading Academic hospitals have collaborated to solve key use cases in Life Sciences.

The use cases discussed include:

  • Risk predictions (avoiding under 30-day readmission penalties)
  • Application of machine learning and AI for detecting and diagnosing diseases
  • Factors to consider in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • Clinical trials and efficiency of clinical trial selection criteria

Farrukh Khan, founder and CEO of Inference Analytics, will lead the discussion.

About the speakers


Gule Sheikh

Strategic Success Manager, Tableau

Gulé is a technologist by trade and former executive that founded a health-tech company, scaled it by 1000% and sold the company after 7 years of running it. She was interviewed by Melinda Gates as one of the few health-tech startup owners that raised over $2MM in the Midwest. She developed the only algorithm for price transparency at the point of care, in the US. Her background in predictive analytics led her to Tableau, as data driven decisions have played a role along every aspect of her career.

Farrukh Khan headshot

Farrukh Khan

Founder and CEO of Inference Analytics

Farrukh Khan, founder and CEO of Inference Analytics, has held leadership roles in early-stage startups to large fortune 500 enterprises. Before starting Inference Analytics, Farrukh was GM and VP of IBM’s Netezza and Big Data distribution sector team where Farrukh worked closely with business and information technology leaders across the world to define solution strategies that transformed key business processes like customer interactions, supply chain, and operations in order to create greater competitive advantage and increasing ROI.

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