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Rugby Analytics: Tackling Data with Tableau

Data impacts everything and sport is no exception. See Tableau in action, transforming Rugby data into match-winning visualisations and insights, so you can do the same with your data.

In this webinar with Javelin Group, learn how to combine rugby data and visual analytics to build interactive visualisations and dashboards that unlock a host of fascinating rugby insights. Learn how to connect to data, perform real-time visual analysis, and publish insights online.

Discover how data and Tableau can answer rugby's big questions:

  • What insights can we discover from the Six Nations championship? See how to build a story out of data
  • What's the impact of size and speed? We'll visualise all the data in one dashboard
  • How has each rugby nation performed? Learn how to visualise data geographically
  • Owen Farrell v Jonny Sexton Can the data separate the teams?

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About the speakers

Charlie Archer

Senior Analytics Consultant - Javelin
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