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Reflecting on the World Cup with a world-class dashboard

With the 2018 World Cup coming to a close, Keyana Corliss and Ravi Mistry reflect on all of the thrilling moments from the tournament. What better way to do that than with data?
Ravi will discuss how he turned his passion for football into an insightful match dashboard for the World Cup.

  • How to find inspiration and data
  • How to create the dashboard
  • Interesting insights from the data
  • Takeaways from the project

Check out Ravi's dashboards referenced in this webinar:

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About the speakers


Ravi Mistry

Customer Success at The Information Lab

Ravi works in Customer Success at The Information Lab in London, where he helps clients see and understand data.

When he’s not following his hometown football team Ipswich Town, Ravi is a keen enthusiast in contemporary technology as well as film & media.

You can follow Ravi on Twitter @Scribblr_42.


Keyana Corliss

Director of Public Relations, Tableau

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