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The Power of Data Analytics in FinTech Solutions

Learn about the power of data analytics for FinTechs 

The data revolution in financial services has arrived, but how many FinTechs are using that data to unlock actional insights, track trends, and drive innovation and growth? 

We partnered with digital publishing platform, FinTech Futures, to examine the challenges and barriers that FinTechs and Start ups are facing around data analytics and the state of play in the market.

  • 52% of survey respondents believed integrated analytics are key to success
  • 67% said customers regularly ask for advanced analytics capabilities
  • 40% believe data analytics give them a competitive edge.

You should sign up for our webinar on 31 March "The Power of Data Analytics in FinTech Solutions" and join our experts for an in-depth discussion of the full report if you:

  • Want to know whether to make or buy a solution?
  •  How to meet security and compliance regulations?
  • What information and data your customers want to know?

Session will be in English

About the speaker


Christian Bersch

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

With 15 years of experience in the market of enterprise software and his fifth year at Tableau, Christian as a Lead Solution Engineer is able to be the trusted advisor in all questions about the platform, embedded scenarios and the connection to other systems with our APIs. His focus at Tableau are big enterprise customers and the public sector. He holds a B.A. from the South Westphalia University of Applied Science.

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