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OR Efficiency & Staffed Room Utilization

Surgical procedures are a primary revenue stream for many hospitals and health systems. To survive and thrive in competitive markets, especially in the current environment, it is essential for providers to continuously examine and improve perioperative operational performance. This is a complex challenge, however, which involves the cooperation of multiple teams and data analysis from multiple systems. When properly configured, EMRs provide good real-time analytics for decision making throughout the day. Unfortunately, none of the major EMRs provide adequate analytics for performance improvement and third-party solutions are often prohibitively expensive. Join Tableau and Fusion Consulting for a discussion on how to build your own analytics to monitor and improve perioperative efficiency. We will discuss our experience with recent clients and share practical advice for success in managing:

  • On-time starts (incl. first case start-time accuracy)
  • Case duration and scheduling accuracy
  • Analytics around anesthesia type, anesthesiologists, patient classes, and more.
  • Utilization by service, practice and surgeon
  • Same-day cancellation rates
  • Turnover and turnaround time

About the speaker


James McGlothlin

Chief Architect, Fusion Consulting

Dr. James McGlothlin is the Chief Architect of Fusion and the leader of our healthcare practice. As Chief Architect, Dr. McGlothlin manages and engages health systems on clinical quality, patient safety and operational efficiency with his talented team of data scientists, clinicians, and healthcare informaticists. Dr. McGlothlin has a PhD in computer science specializing in big data analytics, information retrieval, cloud computing and machine learning. Dr. McGlothlin began his career with 20 years of experience in software development for IBM and Dell and others, and has been dedicated to healthcare analytics for the last 9 years at Fusion. Dr. McGlothlin has 28 published papers including 14 peer-reviewed publications in leading healthcare and healthcare informatics conferences. Additionally, Dr. McGlothlin has invented 9 patents. He is a member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the American Medical Informatics Association, and the steering and program committee for four research conferences. Dr. McGlothlin oversees all of our healthcare designs and architecture and personally leads the development team for our largest clients. Dr. McGlothlin and his family live in the DFW area and he is an avid fan of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks.

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