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Modernise Your Manufacturing Supply Chain Using Data-Driven AI Analytics

As global supply chain volatality continues, manufacturers need to reimagine how they use data and analytics to build a robust supply chain.

Watch this webinar to hear from data experts, Tableau specialists, and manufacturing leaders from Honeywell. You'll learn how your manufacturing organisation can cultivate future-ready supply chains with data-driven AI-powered analytics.

Discover how data, analytics, and AI can help your manufacturing organisation upgrade from spreadsheets and error prone manual calculations to a real-time data-driven supply chain with accurate forecasting.

You'll learn how to:

  • Maximise supply chain visibility and predictive guidance using AI analytics
  • Overcome forecasting problems using Tableau Revenue Intelligence
  • Discover how Honeywell approach supply chain analytics


About the speakers


Nicholas Maffucci

Sr. ISC Analytics Specialist - Honeywell

Sarah Uranowski

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Analytics for Manufacturing - Tableau

Chris Benoit

RVP Enterprise Sales, Manufacturing & Energy - Tableau

Nanda Chitrala

Director, Industry Solutions & Strateg, Manufacturing - Salesforce

Andrew Hill

Principal Solution Engineer - Tableau

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