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Mobilizing Business Intelligence

Traditional BI works well as long as users remain at their desks. However, users must be able to answer questions and make informed decisions whether they're in meetings, visiting clients, or performing service work in the field. A laptop isn't always practical in these situations, but a mobile device is lightweight enough to take anywhere, powers on instantly, and enables users to review information on demand. As mobile devices have been proliferating throughout the workplace, the demand to deliver BI to these devices has also been increasing.

The first generation of mobile BI focused on delivering static reports embedded into the body of an email, sent as an email file attachment, or displayed as a static image in a browser accessed by the mobile device. However, each of these options had no interactivity, and the mobile reports forced the user to view data on a small screen. The next generation of mobile BI apps offers complex data visualizations of high volumes of data with the ability to drill into details, filter content, and search for the desired information. This rich interactive visualization environment is highly suitable for tablet devices, which hold the promise of delivering information to users everywhere but on a smaller form factor than on the desktop or laptop.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How mobile BI differs from traditional BI
  • What security considerations to address before deploying a mobile BI app
  • How to successfully leverage existing BI assets in a mobile BI deployment

Tableau Software was recently recognized by both the editors and community of SQL Server Magazine as the best business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool.

SQL Server BI Award

2010 Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
Editors' Best and Community Choice

Why It Won: "Tableau Software’s business intelligence solution stands above the rest because it offers a rich, robust environment that lets users share their data visualizations (e.g., reports, dashboards) with one another quickly and easily."

About the speaker


Stacia Misner

Data Inspirations

Stacia Misner is a consultant, educator, mentor, and author specializing in business intelligence solutions since 1999 with more than 25 years of experience in information technology. She is the author and co-author of nine books about business intelligence. Her most recent book is Building Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010. Stacia provides consulting and custom education services through Data Inspirations.

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