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Leveraging Transportation and Logistics Data with Tableau Embedded Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable assets that your business has, but are you making the most of it? That was the question facing Worldwide Express – BV, a top freight broker and logistics firm in North America, with their challenge not being data but rather how to deliver and present it to its clients. This webinar will focus on how Worldwide Express, through its Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions® division, leveraged Tableau embedded analytics to elevate and differentiate themselves in the crowded transportation and logistics market.

With the help of Tableau Embedded Analytics and ICIMO, Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions® was able to build a customer-centric portal to effectively share dashboards and visualizations with its customers. Initially, analytics was an avenue for providing client satisfaction and giving new ways to increase efficiencies for the business. It then became a tool, encouraging smarter use of data with trends and forecasting to support customer retention and acquisition of new ones.

Attend this webinar to learn how you too can leverage Tableau Embedded Analytics to empower your customers with data in a productive way.

This is part of the Embedded Analytics Best Practices webinar series.

About the speakers

Brian Tribble

President of Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions, Worldwide Express – BV

Bryce Gartner

CEO and Founder, ICIMO

Jeff Heslop

Embedded Analytics Manager, Tableau
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About Icimo

Icimo helps clients be enlightened by their data - not limited by it. We want clients to uncover the whole story hidden in their data - and make critical business decisions based on knowledge, not anecdotes or assumptions. The result: Clients ask smarter questions, get better answers and make faster decisions, whether we're working with a household name or a garage brand. Bottom line: Icimo helps clients love their data.

We are founded on the belief that clients’ success comes before our own. This commitment to a customer-first approach earned us the 2016 Tableau Software Reseller of the Year for North and South America.

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