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Leading through change with data: Enhance your products with embedded analytics

We are living in a dramatically altered business world. Businesses are looking to data to help them make better insights, but your data can also help enhance your products – allowing you to improve customer engagements and generate new revenue streams.

Tableau’s Embedded Analytics solution gives you all the the power of interactive visualisations in external facing applications. Tableau's analytical speed is the perfect mechanism to confidently share and accelerate your insights to a broader audience.

In this webinar, hosted by our valued partner, The Information Lab, you’ll learn:

  • What we mean by “Embedded Analytics” and its true added value of sharing content externally
  • How your business can grow and gain value from an embedded analytics solution
  • Best practices are for sharing your insights and analysis externally
  • Use cases of embedding analytics such as:
  • Tableau dashboards as components of line-of-business or vertical application
  • Embedding into internal knowledge bases and CRM systems
  • Embedding into customer mobile applications
  • Adding interactive visualisations to blog posts

About the speaker


Andre de Vries

Solutions Engineer, The Information Lab

Andre is a Solutions Engineer at The Information Lab. He specialises in the Tableau Developer toolkit and helps customers be successful with Embedded Analytics implementations. Besides this focus on external analytics, Andre is also a Certified Tableau Trainer and has therefore a wide expertise in all facets of the Tableau platform.

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