Let’s Get Technical: IT Roundup for Tableau Conference 2016

What does Tableau Conference 2016 have in store for you? Way more than Austin could imagine.

Join Brian Smith, Tableau's VP of Technical Operations, Mike Roberts, and Rory Abbazio during this 30-minute IT Roundup as they cover what’s in store for you during your week at Tableau Conference. With over 300+ sessions there is a lot happening, so they’ve curated the hottest, most recommended IT-sessions you won’t want to miss. Plus, we’ll have our TC conference experts on the line to help answer any questions you have. 15-minute Q&A to follow.

Total duration: 45 minutes

During this virtual live event you’ll hear about:

  • Recommended sessions for managing, monitoring, and deploying Tableau
  • IT Super sessions, customer showcases and experiences meant to help you revolutionize your analytics
  • IT meetups focused on networking, sharing best practices and fun
  • +much more

We promise, your week will be nothing short of awesome.

Featured speakers: 

Brian Smith

VP, Technical Operations, Tableau Software

Rory Abbazio

Director of IT – National Grid

Mike Roberts

Director of Data Analytics, Pluralsight

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