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Transformation Trends in Financial Services - Leveraging Analytics to Thrive in the Post Pandemic Era

Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for all financial service providers, regardless of size. Customers are more aware of their personal & financial risks now than ever before. As a result, expectation that their financial service provider understands, predicts and provides tailored solutions is a given.

Business insights have never been more important to financial service providers. A well-defined analytics strategy is a critical component of the future success of all banks. Research shows that data driven enterprises are the best performers in their peer groups.

Join us for an engaging conversation that will highlight some of the trends that are shaping the financial services industry and showcase how leaders can leverage Tableau and Salesforce to position themselves for success in the post pandemic era.

In this session, we will examine:

  • How has customer behaviour changed and the impact it has had on a service provider's technology priorities
  • How embedding insights into systems of engagement has helped maintain laser sharp focus on productivity and revenue
  • How AI/ML can power intelligent, proactive interactions with customers at the point of need

Join us to hear Anand Sundaram, Head of Retail Analytics at IDFC Bank, as he talks about his experience of using analytical insights to drive revenue in banks. Also hear from Stuart Ward, Industry Director, Financial Services at Salesforce on how financial services providers across Asia Pacific use data to navigate through the pandemic while keeping their eyes on transforming their businesses and processes for agility and performance. We will also showcase how business users, analysts and any employee in the bank can use Tableau to uncover insights in a self service mode.

About the speakers


Anand Sundaram

Head of Retail Analytics – IDFC Bank  

Stuart Ward

Industry Director – Financial Services, Salesforce

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