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Improved Analytics in Non-Profit Management

Non-profits strive to grow and fulfill their mission. However, communicating the impact of their programs with the data around that mission can be challenging.

Watch this webinar and hear how analytics is improving program effectiveness, optimizing resources, reducing costs and helping increase operational efficiency. We’ll be joined by Walt Ogilvie from Compassion International for a discussion on the role of analytics in non-profits and the impact it has had on his organization.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building a data driven culture
  • Internal challenges and how to overcome them
  • Increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness

About the speaker


Walt Ogilvie

Business Intelligence Manager, Compassion International

Walt has over 20 years experience designing, building, and supporting financial reporting systems & BI applications. He is a leader in utilizing business intelligence design skills, systems knowledge, and user support experience.

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