How to Overcome Four Challenges of Working with Claims Data and How to Communicate the Insights to Executives

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Not all data challenges are created equal. And if you've worked with claims data, you know this to be particularly true. In this session, Tableau Zen Master Luke Stanke will walk through five challenges–and how to solve them–when sharing insights with senior leaders. This session will include a brief discussion on industry trends and how to actually solve for them in Tableau.


About the speaker

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Luke Stanke

Luke Stanke coleads Tessellation, a Tableau Premier Services Partner, collaborating with many Fortune 500 companies. In his free time, Luke likes to make pizzas on any of his three outdoor pizza ovens. Luke has been repeatedly recognized as a Tableau Zen Master for his proficiency with and passion for the product, as well as his support of the Tableau community in building innovative solutions.