On-Demand Webinar

Healthfirst: Using data to provide the best healthcare possible

Healthfirst is a provider-sponsored health insurance company that serves more than 1.2 million members in New York. On a mission to provide its members with the highest quality healthcare, Healthfirst relies on data to streamline their operations, remain competitive, and guide new opportunities.

View this live webinar and see how Healthfirst is:

  • Generating business value quickly from data
  • Providing crucial information to best inform executive conversations
  • Continuously improving a culture of data-driven insights
  • Leveraging Tableau, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alteryx to create a powerful analytics platform

Explore how Healthfirst is driving continuous quality improvements with data.

About the speakers

Steven Prewitt

VP, Clinical Analysis, Healthfirst

Ryan Cannon

Senior Analyst, Healthfirst

Andy Dé

Senior Global Industry Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Tableau Software
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