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Get to Know Tableau Prep:
Combine, Shape and Clean Your Data Faster

Imagine if you could significantly reduce the time you spend on data preparation—how much will your productivity increase?

Join this live webinar to learn how Tableau Prep empowers analytics users to get to analysis faster by helping them quickly and confidently combine, shape and clean data.

By providing a visual and direct path to prep your data, Tableau Prep makes it easy for you to start analysing quality data in just a few clicks.

Join us to learn how to use Tableau Prep and discover how you can....

  • Reduce time spent on data preparation by 60%
  • Run and schedule flows with Tableau Prep Conductor
  • Maximise efficiency using Data Management and Tableau Prep together


About the speaker


Desislava Eneva

Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau

Desislava is a senior solution engineer at Tableau. She is an expert at helping people and organisations see and understand data.

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