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Fostering innovation with data at the Department of Energy

At the highest level, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) is tasked with advancing the energy, environmental, and nuclear security of the United States. Yet maintaining such security requires a cross-functional effort across the Federal Government to effectively create and manage a multi-faceted, technology and research investment structure. So how does the agency continue to spawn fundamental research while maintaining data transparency, buy-in of agency leadership, and their public mission?

In 2015, the DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) was created to oversee and advance these very priorities. By expanding the reach of the DOE’s research and development initiatives into the commercial space, it has streamlined the information and access to DOE's national labs and sites to foster partnerships and increase innovation, in order to advance the energy interests of the Nation.

Watch this webinar to hear how the DOE ensures:

  • Efficient data management and analysis
  • Clear, evidence-based impact evaluations
  • Effective stakeholder communication at all levels
  • Data governance for mission, service, and the public good

About the speakers

Robert Bectel

Senior Program Analyst at US Department of Energy, Office of Technology Transitions

Pete Tseronis

Former CTO, Department of Energy | Founder and CEO, Dots and Bridges
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