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A Facelift for Reporting: Visualizing Cloud Data at Wheaton Industries

The sales and manufacturing departments of family-owned Wheaton Industries had stayed relatively untouched throughout the company’s history of systems updates and changes of ownership. But in 2013, the monthly regional sales report- the sales team’s primary view into prospecting and sales operations- was in need of a facelift.

After implementing Tableau, Wheaton began driving a new approach to reporting by encouraging sales reps to contribute through self-discovery and engagement in data visualization. Data was brought in from Salesforce, SAP, and social media with a goal to not only report sales numbers to the sales team, but to provide insights into finance, forecasting, and sales analysis that other departments could use.

In this 45-minute webinar, learn how Wheaton's use of visual analytics is:

  • Changing reporting methods with online data and employee self-discovery
  • Leveraging data from multiple sources for a holistic view of performance & improvements
  • Increasing business insights and visibility across departments
This webinar is also featured in our Cloud Conversations series.

About the speakers

Robyn Merckx

Global CRM Coordinator, Wheaton Industries

Craig Fairfield

Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, Tableau
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