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Don't Kill the Influencers: Using Google Analytics to Get the Full Picture

By default, Google Analytics assigns credit to the last touch point prior to conversion. But it is rare that a user converts the first time they encounter your brand - which is where the Influencers come into play.

Influencers are the channels that nurture your relationship with your customer and lead to that final conversion. They provide a unique and important value, but are often ignored in performance reporting.

In this American Marketing Association webinar we will show you how to use Google Analytics to identify and protect the influencers, leading to smarter marketing decisions.

About the speaker


Justin Spencer

Search & Analytics Strategist, Analytics Pros

Justin Spencer strategists who focuses on determining the measurement needs of clients, crafting a framework to answer those key questions and guiding the entire process through implementation. Justin is a believer in acting on data and evangelizing analytics within organizations.

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