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Dev Office Hours: Tableau Server Client

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Tableau’s REST API enables developers to automate tasks and work with content on Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Introduced with Tableau 10.0, the Tableau Server Client (TSC) is a client library that abstracts away all the tedious parts of working with the REST API directly.

When using the REST API directly, publishing a workbook takes over 300 lines of Python code. Using the TSC, it takes less than 20.

Join us for this Developer Office Hours to meet the team behind the TSC. They'll talk about why and how it was created, and will answer any questions you may have about it.

And if you haven't used the TSC yet, it is available today as an open source project on GitHub (

If you're unable to make this session, have no fear! You can ask the developers any questions you want in this thread on the community.