Live Webinar

Data + Women Virtual Tableau User Group

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Join us on Thursday, August 24 for the Data + Women Virtual Tableau User Group!

During this meeting you will have the opportunity to hear from a group of stellar women in data -- seasoned and emerging. Each will share three lessons they have learned in their career that have supported their growth and success in ten minute lightning talks, followed by some live Q&A and candid discussion.


  • Welcome and Introduction by Brit Cava, Slalom & Chloe Tseng, Twitter
  • Lightning Talk by Emily Chen, The Information Lab
  • Lightning Talk by Amanda Patist, The Data School
  • Lightning Talk by Ann Jackson, Slalom
  • Lightning Talk by Pragyansmita Nayak, Apogee Research
  • Live Q&A

Meet the Hosts:

Brit Cava is a Consultant in Slalom’s Information Management & Analytics practice based in Silicon Valley California. She specializes in designing reporting solutions and visual analytics that help businesses thrive and inspire action. Her visualization work and thought leadership earned her the title of Zen Master for 2017. She devotes her free time striving for gender parity by channeling her expertise and community building skills through She Talks Data, a group that enriches, empowers, and connects women and men in the data industry.

Chloe Tseng is a Senior Data Analyst at Twitter, where she turns complex statistics and data into a story to drive business decisions. Deeply passionate about limiting gender inequality, she is the co-founder of She Talks Data, a non-profit organization that creates an intimate environment to drive authentic dialogue and provides technical and leadership events to support women with skills needed for professional advancement. She loves visualizing data to increase awareness and understanding of important social causes, and founded Viz for Social Good, a community that promotes social good through data visualization.

Meet the Speakers:

Emily Chen is a Consultant at The Information Lab. While part of the Data School program, she struggled to find a community of female data analysts. In turn, she helped revitalize the Data Plus Women London chapter with her co-organizer Sophie Sparks by giving female analysts a platform to share their work.

Amanda Patist is a Tableau and Alteryx consultant in training at the Data School, The Information Lab in the UK. Since joining the data school in May 2016, she has been learning to help people make sense of their data in order to make data driven decisions. She is also a Tableau Public Ambassador who thoroughly enjoys being part of the Tableau Community and is passionate about using her analytical and dashboarding abilities to lend non-profits a helping hand.

Ann Jackson is a cat and logic loving individual dedicated to spreading her contagious enthusiasm for data communication to the world. By day she spends her time as a Data Visualization Consultant at Slalom, partnering with individuals and teams to communicate and solve problems with data. By night Ann is dedicated to her mission of empowering individuals in the art of data visualization through the use of Tableau. She is a Tableau Social Ambassador and leader of Phoenix’s Tableau User Group. Ann’s unyielding passion and ambition also take form through the many blog posts, tweets, and public visualizations she posts – you can follow her @AnnUJackson.

Pragyansmita Nayak is a Principal Research Engineer with Apogee Research LLC. Previously, she worked as a Technical and Data Architect in the Momentum Product Development Group at CGI Federal Inc. (2004-2017) that included a 4 month Tableau PoC project at EPA OLEM Branch as well as Qlik, R, Weka, Pentaho and SAP BusinessObjects-based projects. She holds a Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics (GMU Fairfax, VA). Her thesis focused on the application of Machine Learning techniques for the estimation of the Photomorphic Redshift of the galaxies. She is a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow and member of the LeadIN leadership community. She is actively involved in activities of local meetups and organizations. She serves as a reviewer with ACM Computing Reviews. She has presented her work as part of BayesiaLab User Conference, Smart Data Online 2016, PyData DC 2016 and Splunk GovSummit 2016. She is an avid hackathon participant. She participates regularly as part of the #VizForSocialGood and #MakeOverMonday viz events.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Brit Cava or Chloe Tseng.