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Data Monetisation: How to Get Money Out of Your Data

In today’s data-driven world, more and more businesses are looking to extract value from their data in order to create new revenue streams and a superior customer experience. Watch this webinar to see how your business can discover new business opportunities through data monetisation, no matter if you’re a startup, SME or a global enterprise. Hear from BARC Research as they share the results of a European-wide study into how businesses are approaching data monetisation. You’ll then learn how your business can monetise its own data by embedding analytics into your application, enabling your customers to access real-time insights. Watch now to learn about:

  • The opportunities that exist to monetise your data.
  • Real-world business use cases of data monetisation.
  • The benefits of embedding analytics into your product or application.

Download the pdf presentations here: BARC presentation and Make vs Buy presentation.

About the speaker


Robert Tischler

Senior Analyst, Managing Director BARC Austria

Robert Tischler is managing director and senior analyst at the Business Application Research Centre (BARC) Austria. His speciality areas are analytics and business intelligence front ends and process oriented BI applications. He supports companies in the software selection process, during the introductory phase and with reviews to optimise architecture and organisation. Robert Tischler has many years of experience as a project manager of BI projects, hands-on expertise with many BI tools on the front-end, as well as in the back-end, designing, coaching and implementing reporting, analysis and planning solutions with a focus on self-service analytics and BI, information design and advanced planning.

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