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The Data Debate: Andy Cotgreave vs Andy Kirk

Watch this debate between data visualisation heavyweights Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk as they discuss the biggest issues in data viz. You'll leave the debate with a fresh outlook on data visualisation design plus a number of useful tips and tricks.

Round 1: Has data lost its way in the public sphere?
Has the fake news phenomenon put the reliability of statistics in danger as readers become increasingly sceptical about data? Learn how data storytelling should be done to get the right response from your audience.

Round 2: Getting animated about animation
Animation is becoming increasingly popular in data viz but is animation actually effective at data-driven storytelling? Find out our experts views.

Round 3: Which comes first first? The chart or the question?
When building a data visualisation it can be difficult to decide whether you should start with a question or a chart type. Learn what the theory says and then see what works in the real-world.

Round 4: Big ass numbers – good or bad
Are Big Ass Numbers (large, KPIs) ornamental or informational? Do they just take up space on a dashboard without adding much analysis or does eye-tracking research tell us otherwise?

Round 5: Rapid-fire questions - defending the indefensible
The Andy's have 30 seconds each to defend a number of controversial chart types - joy charts, box plots, jitter plots, and stacked bars.

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About the speakers

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com

Jade Le Van

Senior Data Artist, Tableau Public
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