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Nigel Mendonca

Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Tableau

Nigel has been working in the information technology industry since 1998, leading organisations with a focus on digital marketing technologies, ERP solutions, cyber security and since 2014, a focus on data and analytics. Having lived in Hong Kong from 2005-2011 and leading cross-functional teams across multiple countries, Nigel has a deep understanding of technology markets across Asia Pacific.
Much of Nigel’s experience has been focused on disruptive technologies such as Software-as-a-Service cyber security with Symantec and self-service, or Modern Business Intelligence with Tableau.
Nigel has a passion for helping organisations embrace new and different ways of doing things and drive cultural change across multiple teams.
This is very much the case in his role at Tableau where Nigel leads the Australia and New Zealand business for Tableau and is focused on helping large and small organisations in the public and private sector leverage the immense opportunities that exist from enabling more people to gain valuable insights from data.

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